AERI Testimonials

“AERI’s experts address the unique needs of each student served. I want other (school districts) to recognize the enormous benefits of their services, from an educational as well as financial perspective. The consultative support we have received from AERI is cost-effective for our schools – and they are changing lives. Bellaire School District is proud to work with AERI to maintain students within their home district.”

~ Kevin Roseberry, Bellaire School District, Ohio 

"AERI trainings have provided teachers and others with a greater understanding and what to look for in determining the best way to support children with autism.”

 ~ Adam Nicholoff, Belmont County MRDD, Ohio

"In my role as both a licensed social worker and marketing director for Southwood Psychiatric Hospital in PIttsburgh, I am well aware of many of the services for children, and families throughout western Pennsylvania. I have no hesitation and strongly recommend AERI's services to families throughout the area."

~Kevin Daly, LSW, Director of Marketing, Southwood Psychiatric Hospital

"In my view, AERI has broadened the opportunities for individuals on the spectrum by providing social skills groups, trainings, workshops, outreach conferences/events. This organization has been very involved with the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) community in western Pennsylvania for quite some time. I believe their expertise they are now bringing to central Pennsylvania is an immense benefit to the ASD individuals, their families, and everyone involved in each unique case."

~Kristen Riley, Case Manager/ASERT Resource Center Coordinator

“AERI and Hempfield Area School District collaborated to discuss the possibility of a middle school Emotional Support class with a therapeutic component.  From the start, we developed a true partnership.  We developed the program concepts together and interviewed together.  What I like about AERI is their “out of the box” thinking.  They aren’t just there to serve the students in the class, but to serve the needs of OUR students. They have provided a well trained staff.  It has been a very successful year and we just renewed our contract with them.” 

~Alene Mancini, Hempfield Area School District, Pennsylvania

“Our school district has recently partnered with AERI to create a middle school Emotional Support program within our home school district.  AERI staffers have gone above and beyond to provide our district with a program that provides students with an environment that is tailored to their unique needs.  They have done an excellent job of "meshing" with the district staff in a collaborative effort to meet these needs! 

~Jeffery Coover, Hempfield Area School District, Pennsylvania

“The Ligonier Valley School District has an ongoing consultative partnership with AERI.  The knowledgeable AERI staff has been a tremendous source of support for our faculty and staff in regard to the opening of an elementary Autistic Support program.  This collaborative relationship has proven successful in the establishment of the Autistic Support program, the progress of the youth served, and the competency level of our faculty and staff.”

~Tammy Cavanaugh, Ligonier Valley School District, Pennsylvania